Is Japandi style for you?

When Japanese and Scandinavia meet.

Japandi design is the combination of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism to create a feeling of art, nature, and simplicity. natural materials, muted colours, clean lines, and minimal, yet well-curated, furnishings. Japandi design isn't sparse—it's intentional. Is this the style for you?
1. To play with this look, focus on natural materials such as unfinished woods or bamboo pieces that bring in the feeling of nature and simplistic beauty.
2. Reducing clutter is also key to achieving the Japandi style. This design aesthetic focuses on clean lines and open spaces.
3. The use of natural materials is important and is necessary if you like to create a Japandi style based on minimalist design principles because minimalism is not a physical aspect of the design.
4. The ability to blend patterns and geometrics
5. Finally, add a mixed dark contrast with the Scandinavian neutral tones.

Penny Collection:

We have a range of products for example our free-standing bathroom storage caddy will keep your bathroom tidy, storing toiletries and bathroom essentials aesthetically. The light oak wood effect is stunning and will create a natural bathroom décor. It has three storage compartments which will help you organise bathroom items and a handle at the top for easy mobility. This would suit a variety of home décors from nautical with an ocean seaside theme to natural with dried plant and stripped back wood ornaments.
Our oak effect slatted bathroom furniture range will create an earthen and rustic feeling to your bathroom with ergonomic storage units that maximise space and are easy to keep clean.

Bamboo collection:

We have a wide range of Bamboo Bathroom Products including this, stylish toilet roll holder. Looks amazing: in any bathroom, giving your bathroom a natural and earthen feeling - it can store up to 3 toilet rolls with an open groove at the front for aesthetics and ergonomics.

How Japandi is the right fit for everyone.

Japandi is the way for word it allows for your home to have a calm and flowing atmosphere within your home. It takes clutter and allows for a calming neutral zone from the product clean lines to the soft and earthy tones.

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