Trending Materials for Autumn Winter'22

This season’s interior design trends take inspiration from colour and texture, focusing on how these can influence the mood of a room. Once you’ve decided on your decor it’s time to find the perfect fabrics to fit your style but which materials work? And which materials don’t? Here are some of our favourites from this season and other trending textures that we think you’ll like.
Au Naturel!
Natural linen - works well with white, cream, and beige colours...neutrals are back!
Ceramics - Going with almost everything, perfect for making a statement
Blackened/darkened wood - Classic furniture with a twist
Moodboard for Natural linen materials, dark wood furniture and beautiful ceramics
Texture Texture Texture
Soft velvets and velvet - great for soft furnishings and cushions
Ribbed fabrics - sofas, cushions, throws
Boucle textures - Armchairs, throws, cushions
Moodboard for soft velvets, coloured needlepoint cushion covers and rattan radiator
Add some finishing touches
Embroidered materials - A classic technique that can combine multicoloured threads or beading to create texture and colour
Fringes/Silk fringing - instant texture, this season brings fringing to throws, cushions, bedding, bed frames and our favourite, lamp shades!
Tiling - tiled products have made a comeback! Create your own 1950s diner or find peel-and-stick tiles for a time-saving solution
moodboard for colourful tiles, fringed lampshades and bedding, tiled fireplaces

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