Transform your craft room!

Create, craft, and enjoy

Storage, organisation, and a tide room what more can you ask for within your creative space. There are endless options to keep your room fully functional.


Craft Foldaway Storage Sewing Table – Large

This Crafting Table gives a sophisticated look to any room storing away your clutter. Its fold-away feature gives anyone who walks in the idea that there's nothing messy about your room, then opens it up to find an explosion of colour and crafting materials its perfect for your home. The ability to have storage shelves and roller wheels for a more factional storage unit. Why not consider using this craft storage as an at-home office desk? Who says it can't be a multi-use product? 

Craft Extendable Storage Table – Medium

Have an open Crafting Table that shows all your creative designs and crafting materials in a delightful, organised way with multiple ways to store from 10 cubed storage, one side hanging rail and another inside. Having an extendable side platform allows you to create more. With this product now being on our End of October flash sale with 25% off, it would make a perfect addition to your home.

Craft Storage Table - Small


The perfect option if you just need a handy small storage option for your cosy room. With Christmas coming up, there's no telling how many ribbons you have ready for the present, with the 4 hanging rails at the back of the unit. This two-sided craft storage unit has endless storage options, including 3 pull-out draws to keep your clutter tamed and hidden. With this home wear storage unit on our End of October flash sale with 25% off, it's a perfect start to getting ready for your Christmas.


Are you ready to create?

Each Crafting Table has multiple ways you can store your crafting materials in a fun and practical way. We have perfect fits for your rooms at home that will help contain the madness of your creativity. These are ideal storage options for any household getting ready for the beginning of Christmas.

If Crafting Tables aren't what you're looking for today, How about you look at our Nesting Tables great for your living room or anywhere you, please it's your home have fun with it.

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