7 Top Tips For A Small Space

With house prices rising and the UK falling into a recession, upgrading to a bigger place for homeowners and tenants has become increasingly difficult. From small box rooms to en suites, we have some ideas on how you can utilise your space or create the illusion of more.
An instant space saving solution! Remove unwanted items from the floor and create more room by adding floating shelves or elevated storage units.
Under bed storage
Find roller drawers or boxes that fit under to reduce other furniture. If you can swap to an ottoman style bed or an elevated bed frame so you can gain space.
Matilda bed with underbed storage in green and white Underbed storage of the Matilda bed
Built in furniture
Cupboard space might be difficult in smaller rooms so adding built in furniture to a room can remove dressers, wardrobes or drawer units from the floor.
Painted or feature walls
Interior design trends see more people focusing on painting and decorating walls within the home. Paint can be a simple yet effect way to create space, painting your ceiling a bold colour that continues onto the wall, creating the illusion of higher ceilings whereas adding large coloured archways or feature walls can create a larger feel to a room.
Sunburst Radiance drinks cabinet in black and gold sunbeam design
Floor to ceiling furniture
Confine your storage to one area with tall furniture that rises from the floor to ceiling. This removes the need for multiple storage pieces and can combine multiple into one. Just make sure you can reach the top!
Mirror mirror on the wall
Adding a mirror can give an instant lift to any room so adding one to a smaller room can do the same. Reflections from natural light or even the room itself create a sense of space.
Raising wall decor
By raising your pictures and wall decor to above the eye line you are making the room feel like it has higher ceilings and more space to the floor.

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