Furniture Trends for Spring Summer 2023

Spring is nearly here and it's time to freshen up your home. We’ve captured some of the top furniture trends for Spring Summer 2023.
Sustainable Materials
Many consumers are sustainably aware and conscious of their decisions when buying products, and it’s no different to buying furniture. This spring you can expect to see products made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, recycled wood and plastic, offcuts, and other reclaimed materials. Not only will your furniture be environmentally friendly but you’ll add a unique look to any room.
Sustainable materials for furniture - recycled plastics, bamboo wood, reclaimed wood and offcuts are used to make furniture products
Curvy Shapes
Out with the boxy, straight shapes and in with the curves! This season, you’ll see rounded edges, arched backs and soft, flowing line. Curved furniture adds comfort and playfulness to your style, whilst making the room more inviting.
Curvey shapes, Curved wiggly cushions, arched headboards and asymmetric curved shape table
Pastel Colors 
Pastels are always popular in the spring time and this season is no different. You’ll see a lot of soft furnishings in soft pinks, light blue hues and mint greens. These colours are perfect for creating a calm and soothing atmosphere to a room. If you are unsure about a huge change why not try adding in pastel throw pillows or a fluffy rug to elevate your space.
Pastel tones, mint green side table, pastel painted radiators and pastel pink arm chair
Multifunctional Furniture
With more people working remotely or spending more time at home, multi-use furniture has become very popular. This season, you’ll see lots of furniture pieces that can serve multiple purposes, such as a desk that can fold away or coffee tables that raise up to create taller tables. Perfect for small homes and flats where space is  limited.
Multi-use furniture products - wall mounted fold away desk in round shape, multi storage bed set and a extendable height coffee table
Velvet Upholstery
A timeless trend, velvet is making its comeback. You’ll see jewel-tone colours like emerald greens and ruby reds. Velvet can add a touch of elegance to any room. Add velvet features to any room to create a elegant and sophisticated space, perfect for creating depth and adding texture to your home.
Velvet materials - ruby red scallop shaped armchair, emerald green velvet ottoman and soft velvet pinwheel cushions.
Natural Wood
Natural wood furniture is always in style and this spring is no different, you’ll see a lot of furniture in lighter tones as light wood adds a touch of warmth to a room. Keep your home looking modern and fresh by looking for furniture with clean, simple lines.
Natural wood - white oak curved sideboard unit, natural wood chest of drawers with six curved feature drawers and open slatted side table
There are lots more exciting furniture trends to look forward to this season. From sustainable materials to curvy shapes, these trends will inspire you to create a stylish yet comfortable space.

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