House & Homestyle's Dino Bedroom Range VS Mermaid Bedroom Range

Which collection will you pick?

It’s the battle between Dino and Mermaid; you have all the power to determine which one will be the best for your little Dino or Mermaid.




The Dino Collection will be a ROARING hit with your little ones and inspire the next generation of archaeologists, explorers and Dinosaur enthusiasts. Each product in this collection has illustrations of various playful dinosaurs wearing sunglasses and riding skateboards just like your little ones will love to do, and you can teach them the words “ROAR” and “DINOSAUR” early on from the illustrated text on the design. The theme colours are white with green dinosaur illustrations, and the hints of orange and blue give it that extra splash of colour.

If you were to choose the whole collection, you would boast a Dino bed, a Dino table and two chairs, a Dino 3-tier organiser and a Dino storage box. If you are currently redesigning your kid’s bedroom or creating one for the very first time, this collection will allow you to have a variety of storage options and will be a ROARING hit!



The Mermaid Collection has adorable Mermaid or Merman and sea life illustrations that toddlers and young kids will love. Wouldn’t your little one love to be a mermaid when they come home from a long day of school finding their bedroom to be one of the coolest rooms in the house. Make every day a day of undersea adventure.

The whole collection consists of a mermaid bed, storage box, 3-tier organiser and finally, a mermaid table and set of two chairs. If you are planning on creating a pink and cute bedroom, this collection will be the cherry on the top of your interior design masterpiece; With a variety of storage options to keep their rooms nice and tidy.


Team Dino or Team Mermaid

Which one is right for you? The Dino is fun and cool with its playful drawings of Dinosaurs on skateboards and them wearing sunglasses; however, the mermaids are creative and adorable with their pink and white colours while having adventures under the sea.

They are both extraordinary, but what team are you, Dino, or Mermaid.

 If the Dino and Mermaid are not what you’re looking for right now, how about you look at our Kids Bedroom Tipi collection with clever storage units and beds for little ones.

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