Top 4 under sink storage units for your bathroom

Keep your bathroom chaos-free.

In such a high-traffic room, clutter is bound to accumulate and stand in the way of those serene spa vibes you’re trying to achieve. So, to put away spare toiletries and bathroom essentials, have a look at our top 4 under sinks.



Prime Curved Gloss Bathroom Under Sink Storage Cabinet:

An under sink storage unit is a perfect way to store bathroom clutter while saving floor space and adding style to your bathroom. With two shelves behind closed doors, this unit provides plenty of storage space for all your bathroom products. Allowing you to change colours however you please with our interchangeable panels up to 4 colours: green, pink, blue and grey. With the design of the curved doors and the gloss finish, it adds a clean yet stylish look to the under sink storage. This would be a perfect add-on to any modern bathroom.


Grey Winchester Under Sink Cabinet:

If affordability and style are what you’re looking for, the Grey Winchester Under Sink is the perfect fit for you. With large inside storage, it allows you to store a variety of items from small to large; it’s the perfect solution for organizing your messy space. With it coming fully assembled, it's hassle-free and ready to use as soon as you order. The feature of a handle-free door and using the magnetic opening and closing doors allows for a more contemporary design feature. This style can be incorporated into any bathroom with its versatile look; how can you go wrong.


Retford White Under Sink Bathroom Storage Cabinet:

Looking for a storage solution for your small bathroom? The White Retford Under Sink is the one for you. It’s a great solution for storing all your bathroom products while still having floor space. The patterned door design gives an elevated look to a simplistic product, achieving functionality yet stylish looks. With two tiers of shelving, there’s optimal storage for your bathroom products. The finishing touch of the chrome handles gives this Under Sink storage a more classic look allowing for this storage unit to look good in any bathroom. This is one of our most practical under sink storage for your small bathroom from the perfect size to the range of storage. Keep your bathroom chaos free!


Penny Light Wood Under Sink Storage Cabinet:

Our oak effect slatted bathroom furniture range will create an earthen and rustic feeling to your bathroom especially our Penny Light Wood Under Sink Cabinet. Embracing the Japandi trend by taking it back to nature with wood: the ergonomic storage units maximise space and are easy to keep clean. For a perfect fit under your sink with two tiers of shelving, this under sink storage solution is perfect for anyone’s bathroom.


Every bathroom is different, what’s the perfect fit for yours?

Our range of good quality bathroom under sink storage cabinets provide you with the perfect bathroom storage options for your bathroom essentials and toiletries. There are many different styles of under sink units to choose from to suit a variety of home decor and interiors and they easily fit around your sink basin to create the perfect storage solution.

If under sinks are not what you’re looking for today, we have a broad range of bathroom console units that will look picture perfect in your bathroom.

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