There's a gaming desk for everyone


Get Christmas ready

Get your Christmas gift now! Starting with going out and grabbing our gaming desk, would make any gamer happy. 

Virtuoso Rogue Pink and White Gaming Desk

No one said gaming was just for boys! We have the perfect fit for any girls that want to start or are already pro gamers. Our Pink Rogue desk has so many features it will knock your socks off. There are 2 headphone hooks, so you can have options when you play as who doesn’t do better when they look and feel better. With an adjustable monitor stand and under storage for all your goodies and snacks what, more could you ask for; other than Warzone anyone?


Virtuoso 'Velar' Gaming Desk with Tempered Glass, LED light with Power on branding 

Why not show off your cool: desk this Christmas with; the ability to customise your integral LED lighting scheme to any colour with the RGB remote control we have the rainbow at your disposal. With a colour range from black and red to white and blue. Accessories that are perfect like our cup holder to keep your desk tidy and a headphone hook to that, there are all ways a place for them they will never go missing.


Virtuoso Ultimate Gaming Desk - Black

This desktop gaming computer desk is the perfect addition to your work and play space. From accessories like Cup and headphones holders to iPad/iPhone holders, we have a place for all items to keep your desk nice and tidy. The monitor stand allows for a better position for you to sit at a desk with no complaints about not seeing the screen. Whit a keyboard shelf so you can tuck it away if all you want to do is watch a quick movie and relax.


Virtuoso 'Horizon 5' Gaming Desk 

The Virtuoso Horizon 5 Gaming Desk is designed to enhance your gaming experience as a multi-use play & workstation. With a colour range from black and red to white and blue. It combines ergonomics, storage functionality and stylish looks. Featuring a large desktop space for two monitors, a smartphone & tablet holder, sliding under-desk keyboard & mouse tray, both sides PC Tower shelves with ventilation, large open storage shelves, main black colour with red edging. Sturdy design made to last and made of manufactured wood.

Get started on them gifts!

Fun this Christmas is all we want! Getting your little one ready for the New Year, these Gaming Desks are great with a bit of everything for everyone how-can you go wrong.
If Gaming Desks art is what you're looking for this Christmas, take a look at our Dining Range, everyone has to have a seat at this table this year. Even the kids can have a seat at their very own table with our Mermaid & Dino tables.

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