5 ways to keeping your child’s bedroom clutter free

Why storage units are perfect for your space 

Are toys, teddy bears and soft play becoming too much to store in your little one's room? Storage boxes and storage units are a perfect way to create space in your home for toys, teddy's and soft play.


  1. Storage units create fun and exciting new games for children when it comes to tidy up time for children.
  2. Expanding and exploring children's creativity with fun and creative designs.
  3. Allowing children to expand their independence in a safe and secure setting.
  4. Little ones can see what toys they have and choose what they want to use with the open design features.
  5. Colourful and unique design allows children and little ones to incorporate the storage boxes in their imaginative play.


A wide range of storage units to choose from makes for a fun and colour feel to your child's room. Children will be able to visualise how they want toys to be stored. Looking for something that will expand their imagination and creativity with prehistoric and fantasy illustrations? Developing children's independence with a range of storage units.


Jive Cubes

Perfect for allowing your little ones to become more independent by choosing the toys they want to play with and how they choose to organise their boxes. Natural and subtle design with the storage boxes provides children with the skills to become more organised.



Developing children and young ones independence in a safe and controlled space.  With its colourful and open design, your little ones can see what toys to play with. they want to play with. Understanding that they need to place the toy back once finished.


Dino and Mermaid

Colourful illustrations of prehistoric and mythical creatures make for a fun and imaginative playtime. Clean up easy by creating a fun and wonderful game for your children and little ones to get involved.  

Why not try our storage units 

All storage units and boxes are the perfect addition to any playroom, nursery or bedroom. Creating a space that is fun and independent for children. 

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