Create your zen palace

Create your zen palace 

Your bathroom is the most used room in your house, yet we forget about the importance of it in our everyday routine. A bathroom should be calm and make us feel relaxed, so how can we achieve this? Follow our below steps on creating a blissful bathroom that’ll be worth spending time in.


Colour seems to be the logical start when creating a calming space. What colours do you think of when you think of a bathroom? Blue and white? These colours are associated with cleanliness, but these rooms aren’t just where we freshen up but where we take our down time. 

Using neutral earthy tones creates a calming environment.

Open brown oak-effect caddy with 3 tiers of box storage

Our natural coloured Penny collection features an oak-effect finish that gives the bathroom a warm feel. Bathrooms can get cluttered pretty quickly so we suggest something like the three-tiered storage caddy, this piece allows for open storage option for your bathroom essentials whilst keeping them tidy and contained.


Bathrooms can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but for the most part your bathroom can be the smallest room in your house. To combat the size, handy space-saving storage provides a clutter-free zone for your toiletries and cleaning products.

Our under sink cabinet and console work perfectly in a bathroom when you might be struggling for space, with shelf storage inside and tabletop space you can keep your bathroom tidy and clean in one go.


We can’t stress enough on how great plants are…. So our favourite accessory for a bathroom would be our greener friends. We suggest that if you have low lit bathroom succulents such as an Aloe Vera or a Snake plant would work well, if you are stuck for plants search for plants that need little to no light. Alternatively if you have a lot of light, hanging plants such as a Pothos or Spider plant look great in your washrooms and create a fresh feel.

Pictured: Single Door Bathroom Cabinet

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